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Career choice is considerably important in terms of socio-economic lives of the individuals. The truth or falsity of the decisions taken in a career choice has a major impact in terms of personal and social life. However, career choice, an important decision, is made in the early periods of individuals’ lives. In this period, individuals take decisions under the pressure of factors such as gender discrimination, family pressures, lack of information, not being aware of their capabilities. In the period after the determination some contrition and negation occur related to the choice. Thus, individuals who have not been satisfied with the chosen field in vocational education quit their education and intend to get harmful habits and violence. Our project focuses on how the vocational school students choose their fields and how satisfied they are with their choice, what factors influence the choice of the students who have not been satisfied with it and what kind of rehabilitation studies can be done for them. As a result, for the European-wide dissemination of the results a website will be created and a booklet will be prepared.

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