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A career is a set of activities that is obtained as a result of certain education and its rules are determined by society to produce useful products or service in return for certain income.
The career is important to survive, to satisfy the individuals’ basic needs and it is also a means of ensuring satisfaction for social status. Therefore, the right career choice is one of the most important decisions of human life. Because, the decisions on an individual's career choice are the most important phenomenon to determine an individual’s and his/her close circle's lifestyle. The truth or falsity of decisions on choosing the right career will determine an individual's life progress toward happiness or unhappiness. On the other hand considering that decisions on career choice are taken in the early period of individual’s life, this issue appears to be more important. During the stage of such an important decision, most of the time hearsay information, emulation, family pressure, gender discrimination, and other environmental disadvantages are effective. The result of this situation becomes a 'wrong career, wrong person'. As a result, because of the increasing number of individuals who have not been satisfied with the jobs in the society, many negative situations are confronted in a wide range from the country's general economic interests to social happiness.
As mentioned above, our project will be held for the 14-18 year old Vocational School students who have chosen their field but not been satisfied with them. The students in this age group are influenced by the factors such as gender discrimination, family pressure, not having enough information about careers, not being aware of their own interests and desires in the stage of identification of vocational field. Therefore, in the next terms students are experiencing regrets, disadvantages, instabilities about their field. These students cannot adopt their vocational fields and are experiencing some serious problems such as decrease in school achievements, the loss of interest at school, formation of violence, terminating the educational life, development of a negative reaction against the family. In the social life, because of the raise of the students experiencing the problems mentioned before, some sociological problems are emerging such as personal and social misery, loss of work force, increasing the number of individuals who are unskilled and unable to perform themselves. In this respect in project partner institutions, it is the fundamental goal of our work to determine the ratio of the students who have chosen vocational fields but not been satisfied with them, to identify what factors the students are influenced by at the choice stage, what can be done as guidance for these students. On the other hand in accordance with good results to be achieved as a result of the project, it is aimed to continue the cooperation with project partners, and thus to have a work in accordance with the transformation of innovation.
Another fundamental reason for the project is the exchange of experience and the development of the intercultural dialogue through the cooperation.

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