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Association of Public Support for THTII

You can find bellow a few information about our school.


Name of organization:

Association "Public support for THTII"


Name of the school:

at Vocational school "Asen Zlatarov"


School address:

South industrial zone, Vidin, BULGARIA


School telephone:

00359 94 600 805



00359 94 601 797


Head teacher/ principal:

Lyudmil Kirilov


Coordinator of the project:

Desislava Tsokova


E-Mail of contact person:


School Website:


Information about school


Number of pupils:



Number of teachers:



Regional characteristics:

The city is located  On river Danube ,  northwestern Bulgaria


Age of pupils at school:

Youngest: 15
Oldest: 19


Type of school:

Public school


Describe facilities found in your school (ex; library, sports centre, language rooms, laboratories, history rooms)

Classrooms: 27
Other facilities:
computer rooms - 4 -1 study entrepreneurship, training kitchen - 1 teaching restaurant - 1 school reception - 1 teaching hotel room - 1 Laboratory of Electronics - 1 Laboratory of Computer Systems - 1 dance hall -1 , gym - 2 tennis court - 1,
Access: the Internet, sports field


Languages taught in your school:

English (as 1-st foreign language), Dutchq, Spanish (as 2-nd foreign languale)


Previous experience with international school programmes:

"Leonardo da   Vinci"   Mobility – 18
"Leonardo da   Vinci" Partnership – 2
"Comenius" - 3


Duration of studies

4 years


Professional qualifications provided

Economics and Management
Small and Medium Business
Computers and   Technology
Organization of   Tourism and Leisure
Organization of the hotel


History :
Association "Public support for THTII"  is a non-profit organization was established  in August 2002. It was created to bring together a wide range of members of the public to assist school authorities in the training and education of young people.


Mission :

The association does not generate a profit from its activities. A portion of the funds raised are used to improve the quality of vocational education for young people and the rest for improving the existing necessary equipment at Vocational School "Prof. Dr. Zlatarov "- Vidin. The Association contributes to the creation of conditions which are in support of the school, support initiatives aimed at developing personal qualities and civic education of young people. Participate as a partner or initiator in implementation of various projects in the field of vocational education and training and infrastructure development.
The Association has extensive experience in implementing projects to conduct practice for students in the countries of the European Union "Leonardo da Vinci" - Mobility. Preparation and implementation of projects with EU funding for the social integration of young people, promoting entrepreneurship and personal development of young people in Vidin Municipality.
Association no full-time staff. The Management Board and accountant working voluntarily. To the activities of the organization  join and other professionals, related in one way or another to the development of Vocational School "Prof. Dr. Zlatarov".



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