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Obrtnicka skola Antuna Horvata u Diakovu



Srednja strukovna škola Antuna Horvata is the oldest secondary school in Đakovo and one of the oldest in the Osijek-Baranja County. 863 students divided into 32 class units are currently attending the School, where 21 different three or four year vocational programmes are offered. The School has received many awards, the most important being two Šegrt Hlapid Awards for the best vocational school in Croatia (in 1999 and 2010) and the Town of Đakovo Award in 2000.

The School was established on 23 January 1887 under the name Šegrtska škola (Apprentice School), and its name has been changed a number of times throughout its history. The School builds upon the tradition of the Vocational School for Agriculture, established in Đakovo in 1946, as well as the tradition of the Apprentice School. The last change of the School’s name took place in 2012, when the School received its current name.

The school has undergone many changes in the last twenty years and its profile was redesigned, due to the ever-changing nature of the educational system. The establishment of a new school network in Croatia made it clear that the change of the School’s name was only a matter of time, since its previous name containing the word „crafts“ did not include several four year programmes in the fields of machine engineering, electrical engineering, and especially agriculture, wherein the students are offered training for the following professions: general agricultural technician, agro-tourism technician, crop production technician, cattle-breeder, and phytopharmacist.

The School owns an agricultural property Ivandvor, where agricultural production takes place, with a special regard to fruit production in an orchard equipped with an up-to-date irrigation system and protective nets. In addition to the agricultural property, the School owns two greenhouses, where the flowering plants and plant transplants production takes place. The majority of students are enrolled in three year trades and crafts programmes: car mechanic and car mechatronic, water fitter, gas fitter, machine fitter, mechanic for agricultural machines, photographer, hairdresser, housepainter, mason, carpenter, baker, cook, butcher, electrician, electro-mechanic, electronics mechanic, and tailor.
The School has a very active cooperative „Strossmayer“, which sells the School’s products and promotes the School at various fairs and festivals. In addition to the manufacturing activities, the School fosters a rich cultural life.

The School’s students and staff take part in various cultural events in Croatia and abroad, with special regards to events aiming at preserving the heritage of our region.

The School participates in numerous fairs and festivals in Croatia and abroad, as well as international EU programmes, such as Leonardo da Vinci, ACES, etc. Last year, our students and teachers attended various events in Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, France, and Romania, and future participation has already been planned to promote our School, as well as the Town of Đakovo, the Osijek-Baranja County and the Republic of Croatia.



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