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9o Sek Thessalonikis

You can find below a few information about our school.


Name of the school:

"9th School Laboratory Center – (9th SEK) THESSALONIKIS"


School address:



School telephone:

+30 2310 546231 & +30 2310 544645 & +30 2310 546243



+30 2310 544645 & +30 2310 546243


Head teacher/ principal:

Anagnostou Konstantinos


Coordinator of the project:

Agapiadou Paschalina


E-Mail of contact person:

agalina2010@gmail.com  & agalina@sch.gr


School Website:



Information about school


Number of pupils:



Number of teachers:



Regional characteristics:

Located   in the city center


Age of pupils at school:

Youngest: 15
Oldest: 19-25


Type of school:

Public school


Describe facilities

Classrooms: 18
Other facilities:
Computers: 4 labs
Hair-styling: 2 labs
Beauticians: 2 labs
Physiotherapy: 2labs
Dental Technicians: 2labs
Nursing: 1 lab
Medical, Biological, Pharmacist: 1 lab
Mechanical constructions: 2 labs
Electrical Installations: 1 lab
Heating and cooling: 1 lab
Physics and chemistry: 1 lab


Languages taught in your school:

English (as 1-st foreign language), French (only in hairdressing class)


Duration of studies

3 years in EPAL and 2 years in EPAS


Mission :
To train our students so that they can become qualified professionals
To provide a school environment where they can develop both their skills and personalities.

To open their horizons in career choices by participation in European programs


About School: Our School laboratory Center (9th SEK THESSALONIKIS)  is located in Thessaloniki historically also known as Thessalonica or Salonika, the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of the periphery of Central Macedonia as well as the capital of the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Thrace. The Thessaloniki Metropolitan Area extends over an area of 1,455.62 km and its population in 2011 reached a total of 1,006,730 inhabitants. Thessaloniki is the second major economic, industrial, commercial and political center of Greece, and a major transportation hub for the rest of southeastern Europe, its commercial port is also of great importance for Greece and the southeastern European hinterland.
Our school (9th SEK THESSALONIKIS)is located in the Center of Thessaloniki. We train students from two Vocational Senior High Schools the 1st EPAL and the 1st EPAS.
The Sections and Specialties we have in that grade are the following:
1. Sector: Health and Welfare
Nursing Assistants
Medical Laboratory Assistants
Pharmacist Assistants
Dental Technician Assistants
Physiotherapist Assistants
2. Sector: Economy & Administrative Services
Tourism Business Employees
3. Sector: Informatics & Computer Networks
Computer, Networks and Informatics Applications
4. Sector: Engineering
Engineering Construction Technicians
Natural Gas Technicians
Heating and Cooling Technicians
5. Sector: Aesthetics
Beauticians - Hair dressers
The number of teachers is about 69 and the number of students is about 510.
Our pupils attend many lessons in different Laboratories, according to the specialization they have chosen.

When our students graduate, they acquire two diplomas: The first is a certificate Level 3 –diploma- for their special Vocational knowledge in the Specialty they have attended.  


The second one has the same value as that of the Senior High School and they have the same opportunities to enter University after National Examinations.
Many pupils come from the suburbs of Thessaloniki. The School has a very large percentage of foreign students who are immigrants from Albania, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. The social background of the families is middle and low and the students do not often get the chance to travel and consequently visit different countries and discover new cultures. But thanks to various European programs our students start entering in European life and they become happy to show that they can manage to exchange opinions in English. We have several students who return to attend Vocational High School specialties’ in order to avoid unemployment.

This multilateral partnership will be a great opportunity to widen their points of view, understand different cultures and acquire a European perspective in education.


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