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School Complex number 10 in Koszalin

School Complex number 10 in Koszalin is the place where vocational education takes place. It provides professional development for future car technicians, mechanics, information Technology specialists and transport specialists. In 2002 the school received the title of the best school for car mechanics in Poland". The school is also an examination center.

There are following schools in the School Complex number 10:

  • 4 year technical school for mechanics

  • 4 year technical school for car technicians

  • 3 year technical complementary school following vocational school

  • 3 year vocational school.

There are 500 students at school. 70% of them live in small towns and villages surrounding Koszalin where the rate of unemployment is very high.
In our school students have vocational practices and workshops once or twice a week, and they also take part in one month practices abroad once a year during the third year of studying.

School Complex Nr 10 in Koszalin is a school with great traditions dating back to the 1960’s. It has been constantly developing and improving. The teachers gather students’ opinions about the school in order to give them the maximum of possibilities. They also send them abroad on vocational practices. The constant need for development and improvement of school's services results in willingness to participate European Union projects like Leonardo da Vinci in order to gain as much experience as possible. Comparing and sharing experiences with similar schools in Poland and abroad will crucially improve the quality of technical education in our region.

Our role in the project: the analysis of the Vocational guidance practices, taking part in creation of the web site and in designing of a logo for the project, conduction of the questionnaire for the determination of the factors that influence the career choice, organizing a workshop about the career selection with mentors and advisors and a conference for students about the vocational field selection, taking part in preparation of the booklet containing the project work.

The following teachers will take part in the project: English and German to promote language learning, teachers of vocational subjects carrying out the practical training and professional career advisor, tutors and others.

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